This summer choose to save your planet: 4 swimsuits brands that are eco-friendly

4 brands that create timeless pieces and have at heart our planet.
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This summer make the right decision and choose your favorite swimsuit from one of these brands; the reason behind this choice is all eco-friendly and the planet will for sure thank you.


Which one fits best with your mood? Are you more romantic like La Semaine Paris, bold like Léa the Label, creative like Ayla or colorful like Holiday Romance?


The French Fashion Brand has just launched its first Sustainable Swimwear capsule.

The swimsuits are comfortable, made in Italy and  100% sustainable: made in regenerated nylon coming from waste materials (like fishing nets).

La Semaine Paris doesn't stop here: all the packagings and labels are eco-friendly, whereas by planting the wild flowers' seeds you find on the external pacakaging, you can grow your own plant!

The designs are inspired by the elegance of the French Riviera in the 1960s and take you directly to the beaches of Côte d’Azur.


If you love romantic long walks on the beach, quoting “Love Actually” everytime you can and French’s style, these swimsuits are for you!


If you’re craving for some timeless, bold and minimalism swimsuit, you’re gonna fall in love with this brand for sure.

Léa the label with its monochrome pieces, expresses contemporary refinement and bold eccentricity. Get lost in choosing the one that will be an absolute killer on your body (we bet you have already your eyes on  "Loren" the signature cut-out set) and get ready to be at your top this summer.

The swimwear is created with the highest luxe Eco-friendly Italian fabrics in collaboration with ECONYL® that processed nylon's raw material that can be regenerated endless times preserving the same quality. The 100% italian made fabrics are then turned into Léa the label timeless designs.


Feeling chic and sexy have never been more easy that right now.


During summer time, there are no rules: you can dip in the sea and next thing you know, you’re singing your favorite songs in a bar with your friends.

Ayla Swim will keep up with you and your plans, giving the right outfit for every occasion.

The peculiarity of the brands are its prints;  inspired by meaningful places and experiences from the designer’s lives. Each print is created bespoke for Ayla, using hand-painted water colours by Eleni Malami. 

All the pieces are made of Cupro, a sustainable fabric made from a by-product of the cotton process that would usually be thrown away. Produced in a closed loop process to minimise waste, it looks, feels and behaves just like silk. 


Are you ready to get crazier on the prints?



If you’re a supporter of colors, this one is for you.

Bright pink, yellow, red and flowers, these are just some texture you can find in the Holiday Romance’s collections.


Their motto is: trends and sustainability can coexist. Trends in fashion may come and go, but taking care and being mindful of the environment is one trend that defies all seasons. 

With a OEKOTEX certified safe for the wearer, all their pieces are produced in the UK with a batch production level, with means, working closely with the manufacturing partner on every items.


Start your summer’s romance with one of these swimsuits, we’re sure you’ll find true love


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