The most beautiful hairstyles for the Christmas season

This Christmas, decorative clips and statement hair bands are the accessories for our hairstyles. At this special time of the year it may be a little more eye-catching. We show the hottest hairstyles for the holiday season 2020.
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The practical thing about accessories for hairstyles is that they can be easily integrated into any hairstyle. Whether straight, curly or pinned up hair. Statement clips and trendy hair bands enhance every hairstyle and make our Christmas outfits look even more glamorous. Our favorite colors for the holiday season: gold, silver, red and black.

Hairbands in velvet look or as statement variant

The trend to wear hair bands accompanies us into the winter. There are numerous variations and colors of the popular hair accessories. The most beautiful is a color that forms a contrast to the hair color or a color-coordinated tone to the festive outfit. The simplest is a leather or velvet look. Especially glamorous and festive are hair bands with metal elements or gemstones. Also, pearl hair bands look very noble and round off any outfit.

Jewelry hair clips

Another easy way to spice up your hairstyle is to use hair clips. Whether large or small, striking or simple - jewelry clips fit every hairstyle. You can use them as an eye-catcher in closed, open hair or attach them to pinned-up hairstyles. Statement braces not only look festive, but also let us remove annoying hair from our face in a stylish way. Variations with bows, large and small glittering gemstones and metal elements are the favorites for the Christmas season. There are no limits - why use only one hair clip when we can also attach several in our hairstyle.

Finally, an absolute classic: light, glamorous curls. This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for the Christmas season and simply suits every woman. It's up to you whether the curls are made with a round brush, curlers, straightening iron or curling iron. Fix the hairstyle at the end with a hairspray and put some hair oil in the tips for a brilliant shine. Of course, this hairstyle also fits simple or eye-catching hair bands and decorative clips.




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