La Katz meets Mühlbauer: A silken tale

The Viennese traditional hat manufacturer Mühlbauer surprises with a collaboration from the house of La Katz.
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When La Katz designer Laura Sänger moved to Vienna for her studies, it was a Mühlbauer hat she once bought from an old lady at the Naschmarkt, as she recounts. The quality impressed her. And the impression remained over the years. Singer, who first turned her career towards marketing, founded the label La Katz in 2020, which offers a luxurious silk collection consisting of basics. 

And as her first collaboration, she returned to the "hat from the Naschmarkt". Via email, as is probably necessary in Covid times, she contacted Klaus Mühlbauer, who was thrilled with the idea. "The result was four very different creations, which are immediately recognizable both La Katz and Mühlbauer's unmistakable style," says Laura Sänger, who is presenting the collection these days. Besides a hat with a leopard pattern (the "La Katz Hat"), you can also find a turban - made of the famous "La Katz" biological silk, which is dyed in Vienna. This, by the way, is also the favorite part of the "La Katz" designer, as she notes. 

1626537000381063 la katz panama hut muehlbauer

Also important to her were the possible combinations between Mühlbauer's headwear and her Capsule Collection: "All the pieces were designed to match our entire collection. For the first time, monochrome outfits can be created. For example, with the blue turban and the blue silk coat. Or the white headscarf with the white halter top. It's also a way to break up styles. The coat can look very dramatic and elegant when worn as a dress. In combination with the leopard hat made out of Melusin felt it gives the outfit more funk. My favorite combination is leather boots from Paris Texas, with the blue lounge dress and Panama hat," says the designer.

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