Instragram Trends: The Summer Accessories Edition

The global pandemic has even reached the depths of Instagram fashion. Apart from masks, the 2000’s accessories are making a comeback, bringing the sea ever closer to us: Shells & Pearls are now more popular than ever.
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Property of Vivienne Westwood

Shell composed accessories are no longer just a souvenir bracelet brought back home from the holidays. Making an accent on handmade jewelry pieces this season, it is a statement bringing refreshment to that city and even an office look.


Whether on the neck or on the anckle, in the city or in the water, large or small: The piece is not merely a practical and ready-to-wear, but it stands out with its unique and bold shape. Pair it with the dad-shoe, a midi skirt and a simple t-shirt to make it a complete influencer look.

The sea scenery does not leave us here. Not far behind is the mix and match of the pearls. Coming in all shapes and sizes, whether mixed with gold, or in a shape of flowers, the necklace adds an elegant, yet playful touch to a simple look, reminding us not to take life too seriously.

Instagram influences wear the pearls casualy: On the sea, in the country side, in their hometown or even to run errands.

The mix and match of pearls and shells comes in many varieties this season. The era of simplistic minimalism found in jewerly and accessories is now gone. It is the golden 20ies now, the era of extravagance and luxury.



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