Furry Bucket Hats : The New Rendition Of The Classic Bucket Hat 

The new evolution of the bucket hat embraces bright colours and lots of faux fur.
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The bucket hat’s continued relevance can be seen clearly at both runway and street level. Now the question arises - what is the next evolution? The key to updating the statement hat and provide it with a new aesthetic lies in unexpected fabrics and colours. Bucket hats have been staple items for the past years, and we are loving the new furry take on them. Oversized forms and fluffy textures, inspired by the urban trend of the nineties, make it ideal for the winter months. Particularly during a time where we will likely spend more time outside in nature, the new furry hats provide the warmth and comfort we need. 

Indulging in this new headwear trend is particularly fun, as there exists a number of incredibly talented female milliners that help bring our furry vision to life. British milliner Emma Brewin is leading the way for our favourite winter accessory. She has been hand-making pristine faux fur headpieces for many years at her dreamy work base in the UK with the highest acclaim of fashionistas such as Iris Law, Adwoa Aboah, and Rihanna. The designer uses only the highest quality of faux fur for her hats, assuring that they will last a lifetime. Take sartorial inspiration by playing with Brewin’s various rich colourways. We especially adore her Pistachio Bucket rocked by the likes of Rihanna or the rich berry hues of Brewin’s Raspberry Marion, which features a more exaggerated brim.

Florentina Leitner’s fluffy fur hats are also a fabulous option to add to one’s seasonal wardrobe. The Austrian designer graduated from her Masters in Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp this year and is known for her unconventional, playful designs. The extravagant hats from her graduate collection Midnight Vertigo caught our eye. They are made in collaboration with Vienna-based milliner Sassa Ann Van Vyk. Their colourful fur hats easily elevate a sombre winter outfit into a bright and stylish vision.

Said Bucket Hat is also available in an oversized teddy bear design from the female Berlin fashion duo Ottolinger. Ottolinger’s laid back take on the it chapeau can be easily styled with all our winter coats. Their ‘Teddy Hat’ is the perfect choice for everyone looking for an entry point for the look who prefers a more minimalistic style.

This new interpretation of the iconic bucket hat plays nicely into our love for fun and experimentation. It has just the right amount of va-va-voom to switch up a repetitive winter wardrobe.



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