Defining Style: Anniversary of Ferragamo Gancini

The Ferragamo Gancini pattern celebrates its 50th anniversary. Equally legendary characters were photographed on the occasion of this iconic anniversary: a discourse on the icons of our time.
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Modern muses: Blogger Bryanboy gathered seven of his colleagues in Milan to de ne the characteristics of an icon - the “Gancini” pattern.

Influential: From Xenia Adonts to Linda Tol. For the second time, blogger veteran Bryan Gray Yambao, better known under the alias Bryan- boy, gathered a select consortium of his colleagues to pay tribute to the prestigious “Gancini” pattern as well as to expand his success story by yet another chapter.

Old, new logo love

This can be seen as an honor, especially as this season marks the fiftieth anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo’s trademark “Gancini” (translated: “small hook”, editor’s note), which by the way, was inspired by the iron gates of the Palazzo Spini Feroni and by the hooks used for attaching horse’s holsters. Reason enough for the brand’s designer, Paul Andrew, to reinterpret it in a capsule collection. For the selected group of international influencers, this also meant thinking about the meaning of the term icon.

“Emblematic”, “recognizable” and “exemplary” are just a few adjectives that come to mind and can be used in regard to not only the pattern, but also its wearer. Only the attribution of the adjective “constant” remains to be disputed - the “Gan- cini” pattern has already passed this test of time, while the new icons still remain to be tested.

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Reason to celebrate: Ferragamo is celebrating the anniversary of its trade-mark with the “Gancini 2.0” collection.



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