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5 trends in jewelry for 2019

Find out which parts to invest for the new year
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In 2019, the accessories are full of personality! The big jewelers follow the desire of the consumers and create pieces that add value and sophistication without losing cool status. See below the major trends in jewelry for the coming year:

Animal fever

Trend that is growing more and more, the jewels in formats of animals give a fun air to the look. Insects, reptiles, birds and other animals are inspiration for collections of jewelry by bringing a magical colorful pieces.

1544170434332611 okubo21544170434063972 okubo
Julio Okubo (Photos: Press Release)
1544170434924198 bulgariii1544170434607159 bulgari
Bvlgari (Photo: Divulgation)
1544170435547036 atelier schiper 2 1544170435252455 atelier schiper 1
Preserve Collection, Atelier Schiper (Photos: Press Release)
1544170435832841 atelier schiper 3
Atelier Schiper (Photo: Press Release)

New wave of crystals

The crystals have also reached the universe of the jewelery! These semiprecious stones do not only bring beauty to each person's look but also have a holistic position: crystals are known to bring good energies when worn close to the body. The tendency of the time is to bet on its crude versions

1544170436074439 kane
Christopher Kane (Photo: Press Release)

Translucent green

One of the precious stones that has become a fever in recent times is the Colombian emerald. Due to its translucent green and its purity, the Colombian emerald is the darling of celebrities and jewelry lovers. It appears in rings, earrings, earcuffs and necklaces in different cutouts and sizes.

1544170436640339 okubo31544170436362527 okubo4
Julio Okubo (Photos: Press Release
1544170436907400 roberta do rio jewelry
Roberta do Rio Jewelry (Photo: Divulgação)

Ceramics and Porcelain

To give a more classic and traditional look, invest in jewelry made with ceramics and porcelain. Trend that is becoming common to the public, is a great option to replace the gems.

1544170437405357 paola21544170437144164 paola
Paola de Orleans and Bragança (Photos: Press Release)


Jewels inspired by works of art and with a conceptual design, the pieces with the most artsy footprints reached the fashionistas' jewelry boxes. Collections that bring geometric shapes, deep cuts and more playful shapes are indispensable items to make cooler combinations on a daily basis!

1544170437672433 whatsapp image 2018 12 06 at 11.41.35
Lica Vincenzi Rings (Photo: Press Release)
1544170437910187 bulgarii
Bvlgari (Photos: Press Release)
1544170438182664 sauer
Sauer (Photo: Divulgação)

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