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What are the most followed Instagram profiles in 2018?

From CR7 to Ariana Grande, names and numbers of characters with more followers
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The most followed profiles on Instagram: Cristiano Ronaldo

The Instagram profile most followed in the world is that of CR7 , in the registry office Cristiano Ronaldo . The award-winning Juventus player, in just over a year, jumped from the sixth place in the list of the most followed profiles on Instagram to the top of the podium. Today it has more than 145 million followers : thanks to a vast audience that gives shots from the field and moments in the family.

The most followed profiles on Instagram: Selena Gomez

For some time the primacy of the most followed profiles on Instagram was in the hands of Selena Gomez . The singer, who is @selenagomez on the image platform, today has 144 million followers , just below Ronaldo. According to some American newspapers, his is the one with the biggest and most constant growth: there is talk of an increase of about 1 million followers a month. Doing the calculations, you could soon return to the leaderboard first.

The most followed profiles on Instagram: Ariana Grande

Bronze medal in Ariana Grande with 134 million followers : the American singer, closely followed by teenagers, has become famous for the TV series signed Disney. His clear voice and to say the least angelic has been able to charm the public around the world. Not bad for only 25 years.

The most followed profiles on Instagram: Beyoncé

Queen B in life, but not on Instagram . Because Beyoncé is off the podium with more than 120 million followers . Although in recent times his followers have increased a lot, he can not place himself in the top positions. The photos you post, however, deserve more than a like put thoughtfully: portrayed in poses as a diva (moreover, it is) and in moments on stage, his feed is a wonder.

The most followed profiles on Instagram: Kim Kardashian

Together with Beyonce we find her, Kim Kardashian . His followers are 120 million, for now: the number of followers has indeed increased a lot last year, after the setback caused by the famous robbery in the hotel in Paris. Today, Kim K continues to share excerpts of her private life and her curves that defy the law of gravity. According to the number of likes, these are the most loved by followers .

Photo courtesy: Instagram @cristiano; @selenagomez; @arianagrande; @beyonce; @kimkardashian

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