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In the Studio with Rocky Lynch of The Driver Era

Check out their creative space filled with eclectic decor, electric guitars, and an adorable Frenchie named Vader.
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If California had a signature sound, it would probably be concocted by West Coast pop-rock band The Driver Era. A duo comprised of Rocky Lynch and his brother Ross Lynch (who you might recognize as Harvey Kinkle from Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), the group has been spending much of their time focusing their energy on creating more music, with a signature sound that harkens back to the 2000s-style of alternative and punk rock.

Today, the brothers have released their latest single, "Low", a beachy jam with a lo-fi, rock-inflected backtrack. Tapping into the brother's roots as instrumentalists, the track is a clever interplay between the acoustic and the electric. With its hefty, rhythmic baseline, "Low" is sure to induce a healthy bout of headbobbing. 



In honor of the release, Rocky has given L'Officiel USA a glimpse into their studio space. Check out where The Driver Era revs up, below.

Strange things you'll find in the studio.

This is Vader. He enjoys sleeping next to subwoofers.

War Storm. This is a book that my landlord accidentally sent me. It's only been used to roll joints so far. Maybe I'll read it. 

Hung this disco ball from the pull down attic string. Someone was dancing too hard and it broke so I ordered a new one. That one broke too but I managed to repair it with some glue. Still hanging strong.

There's also a Ouija board. Don't know how it got here. 

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