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How James Sebastiano Is Impacting Lives through His One-on-One Counseling Programs

It is rare to find budding entrepreneurs that have enough time to help those in need. It is rare to find personable young business-minded individuals that have enough energy to give to people who need counseling alongside building their own businesses. Yet, for James Sebastiano, it is not impossible.
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James Sebastiano is a 37-year-old entrepreneur, who works in an array of industries from filmmaking to real estate. Not only is James a budding businessman, but he loves to help those who need advice and counseling. James has clearly had a passion for mental health and helping people overcome the battles since the beginning of his education. He is studying to achieve a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counselling.

James has also gone on to complete a Yoga training program, which helped him connect with the mind and mental health even further. Throughout his practice and education, James has become an expert in the field and is very personable in his approach. His aim is not to build just a business from his expertise, but to help those suffering from mental health improve their lives for good.

Throughout his filmmaking, James has produced a beautiful piece to highlight mental illness and the disorders that come under that, from anxiety to depression. The film, Chasing The Present, is documentary style and filmed across the world from India to Iceland. James travels the globe to speak to people about mental health and through that offers them, as well as the audience, guidance on how to heal and deal with mental health battles.

Since the release of the film in 2020, James has worked on a mental health website where he can help those in need one-on-one. There, individuals can request counseling and get the advice and guidance they need to overcome or improve their mental health issues.

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