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HighKey Coin is a Top Creator Coin on BitClout

Cryptocurrency. It’s gained traction over the last few years as an alternative form of currency available online, free from government control. The concept of a decentralized platform has attracted millions of investors worldwide, looking to invest. Until recently, Bitcoin has led the industry, transforming the way individuals invest. But there’s a new concept emerging. One that connects the concept of decentralization and cryptocurrency through social media. Merge these two together, and you have BitClout.
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BitClout is a new type of social network. It’s similar to Bitcoin in the sense that it’s an open-source project that doesn’t own any user data, nor is the platform itself owned by a business or corporation. But what makes BitClout different is that it works like its own custom blockchain, supporting complex social network features like data, posts, profiles, and followers. All users have the opportunity to earn investments on the platform since every profile on BitClout has a corresponding coin. These coins, referred to as creator coins, allow users to invest in themselves, or in a celebrity, influencers, or even professional athletes. You can look at BitClout as the ultimate measure of someone’s clout, which is ultimately what tech turned marketing company, HighKey, is all about. For years, HighKey has been at the forefront of celebrity marketing, specializing specifically in Instagram. When the opportunity to invest in BitClout came about, Highkey founders, Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz, say they didn’t see any reason not to. “The second we heard about BitClout, we were in love with the platform… what was created was beyond our wildest dreams,” says Jordan. “We fully believe that decentralized social media is the future.”

For Jordan and his brothers-turned-business partners Luke and Jackson, he says the creation of BitClout opens the doors to endless possibilities for social networking and cryptocurrency. Though the brothers say they are cautious of the fact that BitClout is still in its early stages of development, they’re confident in its potential.

The Lintz’ are sure BitClout will usher in a new era of even more decentralized social media platforms, catering to the needs of the users rather than the pockets of its developers. Jordan says BitClout can give credit where credit is due by allowing creators to have complete ownership of their hard work and talents valued through their coin.

Luke predicts that within a few months, BitClout will enter a couple of major crypto exchanges. The concept has unbelievable potential, he says. And within a few years, he sees BitClout completely taking over centralized social media platforms.

HighKey’s trust in BitClout is clear. That’s why they say they’ve been investing heavily into HighKey coin on BitClout. Through HighKey Coin, they are able to build relationships with investors and consistently increase their value to their coin holders and clients. HighKey believes BitClout is not only going to be a leading cryptocurrency but also the leader of all social media platforms.

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