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Claudia Schiffer X Aquazzura

Edgardo Osorio is the man they all want at their feet. For his charming smile, but especially for his ability to design shoes always trend and this, each season. During the fashion week in Paris, the Italian presented his collaboration with the model Claudia Schiffer, proving once again that he can conquer the hearts of all women.
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OFFICIAL Switzerland: What did you think about when you first saw Claudia Schiffer?
Edgardo Osorio: I was surprised to see how beautiful she was and how young she still looks.

In what way was she the perfect choice for this collaboration?
Claudia is one of the most iconic models of all time. She played a very important role in the history of fashion but at the same time, it's a very relaxed and simple person, which I love. Our friendship has led us to work together on this beautiful collection that includes all the shoes that a woman should have in her wardrobe to dress with class, day and night. These are pieces for which we invested a lot, and which were designed with the participation of Claudia. In addition to having a fantastic eye, the latter can boast 30 years of experience in the world of fashion. This collection was made to dress all women with class from morning to night, each shoe referring to the unique style of Claudia and his incredible career. We wanted each piece to tell a story.

Do you have the same sense of aesthetics?
We have similar ideas about things we love in fashion and for shoes. We immediately got along as people and we loved the idea of ​​working together.

Previously, you worked with Poppy Delevingne. How was this project different from the one with Mademoiselle Schiffer?
All the collaborations we undertake are definitely unique, just like the women I work with. They all have a very personal style. Our partnerships with influencers are always very natural. With Olivia Palermo, Poppy and Claudia, these collaborations are born from mutual friendship and admiration. We ended up joining forces to create beautiful collections that reflect their unique style and taste for fashion.
For me, it is interesting to fully understand a woman's point of view, or the way people of a different age see things. In addition to infusing new energy into these projects, it brings new ideas and more creativity, which keeps the brand interesting. Every time we collaborate with someone, we experience a lot of new ideas and we try things that we did not do before - or that we would not do without them.

What do you prefer in creating a new pair?
I like a sketch to become reality. Carve an upper part and a heel. Correct the prototypes around the foot and change them with what I see in my dreams.

You find the whole article in the November issue of L'Officiel Suisse.


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