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Brandon Rangel’s Rags-To-Riches Story Proves That Hard Work Pays Off

For budding entrepreneurs, one word can make them consider trading in their dreams for a steady desk job; bankruptcy. That one word holds a world of lost hopes and regrets, and those reaching for success often fear it. But what if experiencing this feared fate brought you greater success than you had ever imagined? This is Brandon Rangel’s story, an entrepreneur who experienced bankruptcy before the age of twenty-two. It’s a story that proves hard work will always pay off.
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Rangel shares that giving up was never an option for him, even when he faced obstacles that seemed nearly impossible to overcome. Since a young age, he developed a burning desire to succeed at any costs. At 16, Rangel began working in the freight industry, while most teenagers at that age are still playing video games and getting their homework done at school. This job was able to play a huge role in his growth at a young age to really teach him the grit and grind of real work. However, it was here that Rangel faced his greatest defeat. He lost the trucking company that he says he had put all of his time and efforts into. Although at first he was extremely devasted at this, it opened up the opportunity for him to pivot into a different industry. Through this defeat he became enlightened to enter a completely different industry and build his successful e-commerce career. He believes that everything happens for a reason, a greater good. He says, “you need to always find the positive side of things because a positive mindset can never be defeated.” A positive mindset backed by an extraordinary work ethic is a powerful combination to help you succeed.

Born to Cuban immigrant parents, Brandon Rangel left home at 18 to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams in Miami. It’s a choice that he shares he would make a hundred times again as he believes that nothing on earth is impossible if you are ready to work hard for it.

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