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White Spa: Abano Terme

In Abano Terme in the Province of Padua, an enchanted place beloved of nature, with the vigor of its thermal springs and its proximity to some of Italy’s most beautiful locations, within the historic luxury Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria, a new, modern, welcoming and innovative Spa is born: it’s called WHITE SPA, and the atmosphere is chic and cool!
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Only immaculate white could express the new way of conceiving the Spa.
Pure, as only white can be. And it is precisely on its purity that the exclusive White Spa is based. The purity of the treatments, but also the space which has been designed to welcome the most demanding clients.
It is transparency that makes stone precious. It is clear lines that characterize exclusive clothes. It is clarity that distinguishes a rich panorama. Beauty is born and is expressed with purity. It is born when nothing comes between us and our being. Between us and our uniqueness.
Encounter the most beautiful part of yourself, your essence. Encounter it in a place conceived not only for the body but also for the mind. 

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The use of these natural and unique ingredients for health and wellbeing has a tradition thousands of years old. Today, new, sophisticated rituals are experienced in chic and cool surroundings where nothing is left to chance: dimensions, lighting, colors and personalized music surround each guest while the therapist dedicates their time to them and their wellbeing.

With "White SPA" comes 5 SENSES, the ultimate experience

The splendid 5 Senses Spa is a place created to stimulate the five senses through a series of elements for immersion in a timeless atmosphere.

The surroundings, warm and appealing, satisfy the gaze, the delectable scents of eastern fragrances stimulate the sense of smell, massaging satisfies the touch, the wonderful music which envelops the surroundings stimulates the hearing, and the flavors of the delicacies offered after the Ritual satisfy the taste.

Everything is studied and set up to offer unrivalled relaxation in a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.

This Ritual has the charm of a centuries-old tradition. It comes from an ancient eastern purification practice. In fact, the Ritual was used to prepare for important ceremonies, including weddings, and was not just for purifying the body but also the spirit.

The products used, totally natural, are black soap, rhassoul and perfumed oils with argan and sweet almond bases. Black soap, extracted from olive paste, was used for cleansing children’s bodies precisely because of its softness. After cleansing with black soap, the skin is left soft and bright. Rhassoul, a particular clay from desert lands, makes the skin silky and polished and, if applied to the hair, makes it shiny, hydratedand soft. The oils, precious synergies with wonderful aromas, nourish the skin, making it more elastic and hydrated.

This experience represents an enchanting moment to dedicate to yourself or to experience as a couple or with friends in order to spend a carefree and incredibly relaxing break.

White Spa: a GB HOTELS creation. Where everything is pure.

This magical space is located within the Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria, already a famous 5-star located in the center of Abano Terme in the pedestrian precinct. Hotel and Spa lie within a 5-acre park where 4 swimming pools wind within the park. Different thermal water temperatures and hydromassages for all. 

Sauna, thermal steam baths, ice room and large River Kneipp to complete your day of wellbeing


CLAY is BEAUTIFUL and so are you!

So many different ways of interpreting clay: each color has its own meaning.

The clay which warms and embraces you today is Health, plus: Detox, Rejuvenation and Form.
The clay for your multi-sensory wellbeing is color-coordinated: yellow for detoxifying, red for rejuvenating, blue for energizing, green for relaxing.
Clay for your beauty for shaping thighs, glutes and abdomen.
Fresh clay to give lightness to your legs.
“Luxury Thermal Shine”, the latest creation in clay for a new luminousness in your face.


At White Spa dedicated to rituals involving face and body you will feel immersed in intense, soft fragrances while the therapists’ hands will bear your thoughts away. A plunge into the Belle Epoque with amber fragrance. The Bacchus experience with grape and resveratrol.


Whether it’s deep muscle massage, Ayurveda, Shitasu, reflexology, anti stress, the most appropriate massage is available for you to find your energy, elasticity through your body.


Luxury Silver Face: to glow with youth Jasmine Therapy: when your desire is for deep relaxation


A pool with gentle motion of the thermal water coupled with a journey within you to free your mind and hear only the sound of the waves. 



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