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Boucheron presents the new high jewellery collection

With CONTEMPLATION Claire Choisne, creative director of Maison Boucheron, aimed to seize the intangible by revealing the fleeting beauty of the natural world.
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“Jeweler’s art is about stopping time, making instants eternal when, by their very essence, they are not” - Claire Choisine

The new collection Conptemplation is comprised of sixty-seven unique pieces, representing the most personal and intimate collection of high jewelry ever created by Claire Choisne. The Codes of Maison are to be interpreted with an extremely sensorial approach: with the slightest breath all the pieces seem to quiver on the skin, fragments of stars are caught in airy matter, a cloud of diamonds swirls weightless around the neck. The first ever jeweler to open a Maison on Place Vendôme now invites us to reconnect with our senses in order to appreciate what is most precious: the present moment.


The highlight of the collection - Goutte de Ciel 

“With this necklace, I wanted to capture what cannot be caught - a piece of the sky to wear around your neck”. - Claire Choisne. Given such aim, the creation of the Goutte de Ciel necklace was extremely complex. For two years, Boucheron sought a material that could reproduce not only the sky’s infinite palette of blues, but also its fleeting, near-impalpable essence. The jeweler came across a special substance used in space by NASA to gather stardust. This mystery matter - 99.8% composed of air and silica - varies in color according to the light and is enclosed by a shell of rock crystal set with diamonds. 


Nuage en Apesanteur

"I wanted to evoke a cloud surrounding a woman’s throat, rather than represent one literally”, explains Claire Choisne. But how could it be possible to replicate, the vaporous effect of the millions of droplets which come together to form a cloud in nature, in a piece of jewelry? Maison Boucheron consulted a programmer, who devised an algorithm to bring this unique cumulus to life. It took two years to develop the materials for this unprecedented necklace, which consists of nearly 10,000 titanium threads capped with 4,018 diamonds and glass beads simulating the droplets of water. Following every movement of the neck, this Nuage en Apesanteur indeed does appear to be weightless like a cloud.

Flèche du Temps

A theme that seems to have flown through time, with the first drawings of this motif dating back to 1873 in the Boucheron archives. The clean-cut modernity of the arrow is now mirrored by a contemporary way of wearing it. Indeed, this High Jewelry ensemble can easily accompany everyday life - witness the white gold torque paved with diamonds, the earring shooting upwards through the ear towards the sky, hits the target with true brilliance.


Fenêtre sur Ciel

A homage to James Turrell’s “Open  Sky” artwork in Naoshima. The necklace crafted from fluid as fabric titanium mesh, forms a perfect rectangle when worn, representing a window to the sky. On its surface, Claire Choisne has chosen to represent a stormy weather with the mother-of-pearl diamond clouds set off by slate colored lacquer. This celestial vision is further illuminated by a 35-carat sugarloaf tanzanite with a deep ultramarine hue. In the same cloudy spirit, a rectangular ring has a plateau of white lacquer adorned with an 8.52-carat tanzanite, surrounded by a diamond-paved setting.

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