Trend: Will the micro bag become the must have of the summer?

Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton, Delvaux ... There are many brands to offer their most desirable bag models in mini or micro version. Will the XXS bag be officially the must have of the summer?
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As XS ray, snobbery at the height of chic to walk just a lipstick or a gold card, the micro bag has imposed spectacularly on the parades autumn-winter 2019-2020. Already present in mini version last season, it bag is now in XXS format at many creators. The first of them to have succumbed? Jacquemus , who made the buzz by unveiling his model with the invitation card of his last parade. A few days earlier, the Italian house Dolce & Gabbana unveiled, she, a bag so small, that it was almost confused with a case with lipstick. As for the Belgian Delvaux , the iconic Brillant bag now comes in XXS format, no more than 8 cm.

If it is not thought to be practical, the micro bag is primarily to twister a look too simple, adding an offbeat touch to the most serious looks. And we will always be able to slip a coin or some chewing gum.

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Brilliant Charms "Ghent" bag, Belgitude Collection © Delvaux

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