Trend: how has the cardigan become ultra sexy?

Preview on Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Olivia Palermo, the cardigan is making an unprecedented return to the dressings of girls fashion. Now associated with sex appeal, the sweet vest is fast becoming the piece of spring-summer 2019. Here's how to wear it this year.
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No, the cardigan is no longer associated with grandmothers' wardrobes. On the contrary. This year, this knitted cardigan makes a remarkable comeback in the dressings of the girls of fashion, for an effortless and sexy look. Ideal for mid-season temperatures, the cardigan can be worn during the day or evening, preferably in pastel shades. Closed by a single button on the skin in the manner of Bella Hadid , he upgrades any outfit with an ultra sexy touch. Associated with a crop top, it allows to play the card of the chic set. Knotted at the waist like Kendall Jenner , he plays it modern, while associated with a skirt, he twists our looks for a retro silhouette.

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Bella Hadid's pink cardigan © Pierre Suu / Getty Images
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Bella Hadid's yellow cardigan © Marc Piasecki / Getty Images
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Kendall Jenner's red cardigan © Raymond Hall / Getty Images
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Laura Harrier's yellow cardigan © Amy Sussman / Getty Images
1556018505417741 gettyimages 1131751002
Kristen Stewart's pink cardigan © Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images
1556018505799675 gettyimages 1133994031
Olivia Palermo's beige cardigan © Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

The proof that he is definitely back? On Instagram, the most advanced fashionistas among which Adenorah , Jeanne Damas or Camille Charrière have all adopted. Elected garment of summer 2019!

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