The most iconic apparitions of the trench coat in the cinema

The piece is perfect for wearing on the cooler days of autumn
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The trench coat is considered a wildcard piece in the wardrobe of all women. The item, which is of British origin, was also featured in countless memorable scenes in some of the most iconic films in film history. Discover here below the best moments in the movie of actresses using the piece:

Greta Garbo in "A Woman of Affairs" (1928)

1554475693129181 greta garbot a woman of affairs 1553616252
Photo: Reproduction

Katherine Hepburn in "Keeper of the Flame" (1943)

1554475693404453 gettyimages 3171417 1553552442
Photo: Reproduction

Marlene Dietrich in "A Foreign Affair" (1948)

1554475693687423 marlene dietrich foreign affair 1553616253
Photo: Reproduction

Sophia Lauren in "The Key" (1958)

1554475693928105 sophia loren the key 1553616254
Photo: Reproduction

Brigitte Bardot in "Babette Goes to War" (1959)

1554475694184350 brigitte bardot babette goes to war 1553626140
Photo: Reproduction

Marilyn Monroe in "Let's Make Love" (1960)

1554475694437481 marilyn monroe let s make love 1553616253
Photo: Reproduction

Audrey Hepburn in "Little Doll of Luxury" (1961)

1554475694662126 gettyimages 607383448 1553552958
Photo: Reproduction

Cahterine Deneuve in "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (1964)

1554475694901691 catherine deneuve the umbrellas of cherbourg 1553616251
Photo: Reproduction

Meryl Streep in "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979)

1554475695186044 fhd979kvk meryl streep 009
Photo: Reproduction

Daryl Hannah in "Kill Bill" (2003)

1554475695603491 elle driver kill bill 1553616252
Photo: Reproduction

Keira Knightley in "Last Night" (2010)

1554475695909847 keira knightley last night 1553616442
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