The hand in the bag: the secrets of Lady Dior

An it bag, a timeless bag, we know what it is. But how is excellence the only one made from every angle? Video.
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An endless source of inspiration, the Lady Dior is also a treasure trove of know-how. Made in the leather workshops of the House, it reveals all the excellence Dior .

The hand of the craftsman, his song of gesture (s) - his poetics, his nobility, which makes it unique - is indispensable. First, in the selection of the skin that always follows the same ritual: touch, feel, examine, observe, scrutinize. The perfection of leather is paramount.

Then, the gesture must be infinitely precise in the dive to achieve the graphic pattern of caning. Finally, when the Lady Dior is assembled around a custom-made wooden form, with its very precise proportions, it is always the hand that ensures its perfect architecture and adjusts the skin, the one that makes "the unique character of an object of art (...), the hand of the man whose value is irreplaceable, as Christian Dior wrote, because it gives to all that it creates what no machine could not bring: poetry and life ".

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