The Coat by Katya Silchenko - one of the most famous ukrainian brands

The Coat by Katya Silchenko is a ukrainian prêt-à-porter womenswear brand, founded by designer Katya Silchenko in 2014.
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In new Fall/ Winter collection fashion brand The COAT by Katya Silchenko talks about sport as essential part of life of a modern woman. “The collection shows us one day of a modern woman –– morning workout, work and cocktail evening. This way the collection begins with sport items that gradually with details are transformed into elegant evening outfit”, says the designer Katya Silchenko.  Harmoniously combining The COAT’s signature feminine silhouettes, the cut’s structural lines and functional elements of sportswear, The COAT by Katya Silchenko remained true to itself by showing fabrics’ roughness in brand’s iconic dresses and skirts. Thus, for example, the feminine skirt was completed with leather pieces and external pockets.

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New collection features The COAT by Katya Silchenko’ well known coats, which the designer offers to wear above jersey suits with graphics. Snow-white shirts and dresses became the bright accent of the collection. The brand’s aesthetics is balancing between femininity and sport. The designer introduces into the collection decorative details she borrowed from sports shoes by putting them on clothing and accessories. The color palette of the collection is concentrated around calm grey, beige and white shades with a use of yellow accents and two types of check pattern: small and large. And even here the designer still has something to surprise with. In new season Katya experiments with not typical for her brand color –– black, that has never been used before in any brand’s collection. Black color didn’t become the main color, more like an accent on side stripes and fastenings, which add sport chic to the collection. 

The new collection of "The Coat" by Katya Silchenko


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