Spread By The Wind

„SpreadByTheWind“ is a story about the symbolism of the Wind and his Character.
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total look: LOUIS VOUITTON

The wind is often called the breath of the Earth , in dreams , the wind often points to something that announces itself, brews together, comes flying towards us. He announces more or less serious changes.

1559212594243173 hermes 1 c michael du rr1559212594230004 hermes 5 c michael du rr
1559212594270173 louis vouitton 2 c michael du rr
1. total look: Hermes; 2. total look: Louis Vouitton

In particular, he points to mental transformation processes and to a spiritual energy. The windblows where he wants, he comes to us at his hour and not when we seek or force him. This indicates his intuitive character or his own inherent will. For this reason he is often personified, seen as an intentional being or as a god, often with each wind direction associated with his own god. You have to make friends with the wind on Lanzarote as with a human being.

1559213002290405 jana wieland 1 c michael du rr1559213002172607 jana wieland 3 c michael du rr
1559213002210726 jil sander 1 c michael du rr1559213478084438 jil sander 5 c michael du rr
1. Dress: Jana Wieland; 2. Shirt: Jil Sander

Michael Dürr and his team were playing with the wind , they learned that not everything is plannable. Sometimes hiding from the wind and shooting between the cliffs and rocks at the beautiful beaches in El Golfo or Playa del Paso. Sometimes lying in the sand and shooting surrounded by the fascinating scenery of the Salinas de Janubio. Enjoying the dead calm , shooting in front of the powerful red mountains - coming home and telling everybody about beautiful Lanzarote and a new friend - the wind.

1559213049708091 longchamp 1 c michael du rr cover 1559213049725272 longchamp 3 c michael du rr
1559213049720142 longchamp 4 c michael du rr 1559213049767248 longchamp 5 c michael du rr
Dress: Longchamp


Photography : Michael Dürr

Styling : Johanna Bouvier

Model : Lena Sophie @ Tempo Models

Make up Hair : Karla Goldoni

Digital Retouch : Eva Rybarova

Local Guide : Jonathan Ramirez de Jong Lanzarote

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