Soft Touch

Inspired by soft shades and beautiful lights.
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This is the story of beauty, weirdness and fun. Together with model Sabi and my team I explored the various moods and expressions of fashion photography combined with movement. Dressed in stunning dresses and sharp styles she follows me on that path. 

1558015575768873 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 0011558015575791292 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 002
1558015575774365 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 0041558015575826629 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 005
1. Vest: Nobi Talai; Velvet Dress: Marcell von Berlin; Stockings: Bajanova; Cowboy Boots: Aeydé; 2. Dress: Marcel Ostertag; Hat: Spatz; Scarf as belt: Natascha von Hirschhausen; Shoes: Aeydé;

When we saw the first sun strokes we chased them and found a beautiful spot in a quiet backyard. The soft light wrapped her in a gentle glow and made her smile.


Photography & Retouch: Sebastian Hilgetag /

Model: Sabi Khazgaleeva 

Agency: Core Artist Management / 

Hair and Make Up: Melanie Hunger / 

Agency: Bigoudi / 

Styling: Lisa Maria Lohman / 

1558015972036220 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 0121558015971951872 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 014
1558016141626021 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 0231558016141691186 sabi by sebastian hilgetag 024
1.Open back blouse: Áeron; Velvet Trousers: Marcell von Berlin; Earring: Nobi Talai; Tights: Falke; Shoes: Kurt Geiger; 2.Silk Kimono: Tassel Tales; Trousers: Ganni; Hairclip: Saskia Diez; Necklaces: Malaika Raiss; Slippers: Aeydé

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