Silver Mine

A poetic story, on a virgin nature, where dunes, mountains and lake meet for a peaceful atmosphere.
Necklaces: Athena A.; White pants in silk: Gavin Rajah; Beige pants in mohair: Ode by Rebecca
The melancholic light plays with soft colors and tons on tons.
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1.Silk taffeta dress: Sies Isabelle; Earrings: Lorne; 2. Necklace: Athena A.; 3. Linen dress: Amanda Laird Cherry; 4. Tulle skirt with leopard print: Gavin Rajah; Earrings: Lorne

The Styling is minimal with some print details and gold touch, natural matters such as silk, cotton and linen are mixed with more sophisticated one like velvet and sequin.

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1.Earring: Athena A; Sequin top: Marianne Fassler; 2. Swimmwear: Beach Cult; Tulle dress: The Bam Collective; 3. Velvet dress with fringe: Gavin Rajah; Boots: Annies; 4. Necklaces: Athena A


Photographer : Michael Oliver Love @michaeloliverlove

Fashion Editor : Charlotte Gindreau @charlotte.gindreau

Make Up Artist : Richard Wilkinson @richardpaint

Model : Aketch Joy Winnie @akecthjoywinnie @fusionmodels_ct

Veda Pols @veda.pols @bossmodels

Assistant : Darvin Nizza @darvin_n

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Cotton skirt: Ode by Rebecca; Tulle skirt with leopard print: Gavin Rajah; Earring: Lorne

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