Nike's inclusive project

Nike continues to be sensitive about diversity and inclusiveness. The brand has updated its shop on Oxford Street with large size and handicapped models.
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Nike, the world's leading sportswear brand, has developed a collection called Nike Pro Hijab, which has developed projects that encourage incentives and diversity in sports. The brand, which has received acclaim and appreciation for its conservative designs, continues to maintain its sensitive attitude. Nike updated the flagship store on Oxford Street, made special statements during the opening. Sportswear giant, after the Nike Pro Hijab collection announced that a large collection of large-size designs will present. According to the statement made by the brand, this project is an important step in terms of diversity and inclusiveness.

Although Nike's move was welcomed by many women, negative criticisms were not delayed. Because, considering the comments on social media, the number of people who think Nike affirms obesity seems to be quite high. Those who think that the mannequins in the store are much more overweight than they should be, argue that the war against obesity has been lost due to such moves.


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