Massimo Dutti inaugurates its first shop in Ibiza

Massimo Dutti opened its doors for the very first time in Ibiza: an exceptional space in the historic center that is an oasis within the Balearic Islands while remaining faithful to the brand's DNA.
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On June 20, the Spanish brand started a new chapter in its history in Ibiza. Once again, Massimo Dutti has reflected not only his know-how, but also his excellence in purchasing experience and innovation to expand throughout the world. With the support of fashion insiders, international influencers and models, the opening night also featured a sublime capsule collection entitled Sea Side.

The shop has a unique interior design: white walls pierced with niches and furniture integrated in the walls like the houses on the island where the shelves are an integral part of the structure. All this in a range of very neutral and natural colors typical of noble materials, creating a very warm environment. Finally, large African-inspired carpets (a nod to the neighboring country) rest on a white polished concrete floor. The lighting is subtle and seeks to reproduce the effect of light Ibiza, natural and ephemeral. The zenith light spots are complemented by lamps chosen with care, creating a harmonious whole and putting perfectly the collections.

Always at the cutting edge of the union between fashion, service and technology, the new Massimo Dutti store offers new shopping experiences such as mobile payment, scan & shop (scan products in store and have them delivered ) or the click & collect (book items through the brand application and retrieve them in the shop of your choice). In addition, the store illustrates the most advanced eco-efficiency concept, with a reduction in electricity consumption.

Organized in a frame specially decorated for the occasion, the launch party showed the excellence of the brand and the athmosphere of the island punctuated by magical culinary experiences. Influencers such as Camille Charriere, Emily Marant, Ines Melia and Guido Milani, fashion insiders like Vanessa Breuer and Mark Vanderloo, as well as international models such as Bram Valbracht, Tom Halls, Oriol Elcacho and Davinia Pelegrí, supported the brand at this exclusive event.


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