Marc Jacobs commits to the right to abortion with Miley Cyrus

While a series of ultra-conservative laws severely limiting the right to abortion has hit the United States for a few months, Marc Jacobs has decided to make a commitment to protect this fundamental right with Miley Cyrus. They imagined a hoodie pop, whose total profits will be donated.
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For several months, misogynist US and ultra conservative lawmakers have decided to tackle the control of women's bodies in no less than nine different states. Their "playground"? The laws protecting the right to abortion, which they have now decided to significantly limit. Decisions that go against the protection of women, and whose sole purpose is to have more and more power over women. So few protagonists from the fashion scene have reacted so far, Marc Jacobs has decided to engage in the feminist fight, unveiling a hoodie created in collaboration with Miley Cyrus and the foundation she directs: Happy hippie.

Flocked to an image of the stripped singer and posing with grapefruit, the hoodie sends a clear message: the bodies of women belong to them and they alone. One can read the creed "Do not fuck with my freedom" (in French: "Do not mess with my freedom"), referring directly to these patriarchal decisions from a bygone era. Available online at a price of around € 155 , the sweatshirt will generate profits that will be entirely donated to American family planning.

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