The editorial takes up the idea of freedom, which is supported by the mix of flowing fabrics and rustic leather as well as special silhouettes.
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slipover: Longchamp; pullover: Sonia Rykiel; skirt: Sonia Rykiel
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1. vest: Longchamp; blouse: Chloé; pants: Isabel Marant; shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo; 2. vest: Louis Vuitton; dress: Salvatore Ferragamo; belt :Salvatore Ferragamo; bracelet :Sévigné; 3. vest :Louis Vuitton; dress: Salvatore Ferragamo; 4. dress: Isabel Marant; longsleeve: Max Mara; vest: Riani; earrings: Sévigné

The change between outdoor and studio is an exciting contrast. The posing, light and the whole visual language captures the mood of being rebellious and free. On one side the protagonist is very free minded. But she is also a strong person who likes to be isolated from other people - she doesn’t like to be constricted by any other person. So she’s a person who is called by other ones as a libertine.


 photography: thomas valtin

styling: marcello bona

hair & make-up: melanie filbert @ fame agency using mac and aveda

digital operator: benjamin herbst 

model: stephanie @ modelwerk



1557824378293710 20193103 marcello tv22881557824378212685 20193103 marcello tv2189
polo shirt: Miu Miu; blouse: Riani; dress: Tory Burch

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