Lancôme celebrates the delightful carelessness of French women

Celebrated all over the world and subject to so many fantasies, the French woman inspires Lancôme.

Photography: Julien Roux


This sexy nonchalance of the Parisienne who remakes on the terrace, gets on her bike to cross the city, stretches out on the lawn of public parks and bites to the teeth in gourmet pastries without worrying about the eyes of others.

Flagship product of the range, the French Glow Bronzer is a concentrate of luminous radiance while transparency. Declined in two shades, it allows to obtain the famous discrete tan of the French as the first rays of sun approach. Best of all, this light powder with the slogan Freedom, Equality, Fraternity allows an application on the neckline thanks to its XL format.

We combine this essential complexion with the three new colors of Absolu Rouge from the collection created especially for the occasion, passing with delight from nude to bright red.

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