H & M continues to break the rules

An interesting collaboration came from the Swedish fashion giant H & M.

H & M, which is the biggest representative of accessible fashion, spreading the concept of Fast-Fashion to the whole world, cannot be denied its contributions to the industry by successfully blending high fashion with street style with the collaborations that have been realized for 15 years. Traveling with Karl Lagerfeld, H & M is an eagerly anticipated fashion news travel every year and it does not neglect to make surprises. Here's one of those surprises.

H & M collaborates with Post-it, which is well-known for office supplies, with a capsule collection of the iconic logo of Post-it. The collection includes polo collar t-shirts, basic t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks, cardigan, shorts and a pair of sneakers. Isn't it quite clever that a brand that is in everyone's wardrobe cooperates with another brand on everyone's desk?


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