Gucci Presents The Second Chapter Of The Ace Sneakers Featuring ASMR

Have your own ASMR moment with the new Ace sneakers.
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The Ace sneaker has been one of Gucci's most popular items ever since its first appearance in 2016. Alessandro Michele knows no limits when it comes to just how extravagant a garment or a shoe can be, and the Ace sneaker is a clear example. Now, the house of Gucci invites a group of diverse creatives to deliver the second chapter of the signature sneakers. 

The Instagram-based project dubbed "24HourAce" is centred around self-expression and reflecting how the digital landscape has evolved over the years. Multimedia artists, collagists and directors drew inspiration from the Ace’s codes, colours, graphics and design elements and beautifully translated it into animated artworks with ASMR in mind. Yes, autonomous sensory meridian response. 

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Thanks to the creative minds behind the project, we get to see how the Ace sneakers serve as a blank canvas for their imagination.  Argentinian motion graphics designer Esteban Diacono gave an unsettling experience through his work, while Hong Kong-based 3D animator Daniel Lam served up hypnotic and playful visuals. New York's Didi Rojas and Japanese artist Kensuke Koike adopted a more surrealist approach in their work.

And it epitomises with ASMR connoisseur, Laura Lemurex, who creates ASMR videos through microphone brushing, scratching and touching. Her work for #24HourAce sees the sneakers being touched by a pair of manicured hands - an ultimate satisfaction ASMR fans. 

Check out Gucci’s #24HourAce project below:

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