Emotions Ashi Studio SS 2020 Couture Collection

Story telling is an element present within every collection released by Ashi Studio. As the designer was experiencing a shift, due to a move being made from one part of the world to the other, the element shifted to captured imagery rather than on the tale itself. Images flowing through the designer's mind were captured and translated into forms, shapes, and emotions.
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The designer named the couture collection 'Emotions' as there was an overflow of feelings experienced during the disconnection from reality and trans cendence of dreams and the subconscious. Comprised of ten pieces, the collection features three colors: white, grey, and gold. Gold being the last color, as it is reflective and acts like a mirror, allowing one to reflect in the mirror and wonder where the journey will continue to... 

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And for the record, we all know, that the power of dress never gets old. Seeing through the collection, we can definitely feel the strength, influence and, without any doubt, beauty. This is exactly the situation when we are in the right to say: more is less and less is more, and be in the admiration of that. 

Ashi is giving women the ability to be a loud statement on their own. Who do we see in this collection? Certainly, a woman who does not force anyone to make her an object of desire. It already happened naturally. 

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The collection named "emotions" not by the accident. It gives you a timeless feeling, providing a magnetic and irresistible attitude. Replacing simple structures of a dress, Ashi transforming a uniqueness by using elaborate forms and detailed draperies.


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