Elie Saab: Resort 2020 - Coastal Crossroads

From the Phoenician Wall of Botrus, to Carthago and every great empire along the shores of the Mediterranean… this ELIE SAAB Resort 2020 collection is a clin d’oeil to the rich cultural heritage that has been shared and passed down through the ages within this cradle of civilization.
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Sea-bound exploration and discovery are the order of the day, revealing elegant patchworks of lace and guipure, layered with taffeta to create gardenia white ensembles that give an air of both purity and power. Relaxed kaftans, voluminous skirts and airy dresses, as well as ornate tops, jacquard tuxedo looks and slick-cut blazers prevail in this season’s collection.
A floral collage print inspired by ancient Carthago, is featured on revisited bermuda and pant suits, while sleeves are a statement of their own, adding balance to overall cuts.
Vibrant colours, stemming from the pigments that were originally created in this fertile crescent, bring splashes of brightness under the Mediterranean sun. Royal pacific blue, mango yellow and carmen red inject a rich palette into pieces that sway effortlessly in the soft sea-front breeze.
Handbags are season-ready, as textile-like wicker bags are introduced into the collection, mixed with leather and featuring the ELIE SAAB crest. Sandals are adorned with stripes of gold chains, and eyewear takes on the form of large frames with thin, asymmetrical golden metallic rims that criss-cross in unison, perfectly framing the eyes and face.
This ELIE SAAB Resort 2020 collection is a tribute to strong and intelligent women who look far beyond the horizon. As if traveling from port to port, and from one culture to another, we find sensibilities coming together to portray a rich and cohesive diversity that reaches beyond borders and that meets at the crossroads of endless seas.




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