Effortless Vitality

The independent spirit of New York meets the joie de vivre way of life.

A carefree embodiment of an inspired sense of style known as Les Gamines. She's an exquisite beauty, free-spirited and cool. She possesses an encapsulated vigor akin to a disassociated form of character. What accompanies is an essence of refined, effortless vitality. 

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1. Coat: Maxmara; Earring: Pina Studio; Rings: Pina Studio; Ring: Shahla Karimi; 2.Top: Kenzo; Earrings: Pina Studio; Cuffs: Baharra NY; Ring: Elena Kreigner; 3. Top: Etro; Pants: Kenzo; Cuffs: Vitae Ascendere; Cuffs: 602 Lab; Cuffs: Baharra NY; Necklace: Vitae Ascendere; Ring: 602 Lab; Anklet: Baharra NY
She plays by her own rules.
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1.Blazer: Etro; Earrings: Pina Studio; Necklace: Baharra ; Rings: Selin Kent; 2.Blazer: Etro; Earrings: Pina Studio; 3. Top: MAG; Earrings: Vitae Ascendere; Bracelet: Vitae Ascendere


Photographer: Fernando Sippel @sippelphotography

Model: Aude Jane @janeaudedeville

Make up and hair : Ronaldo Escobar @ronandomakeup

Stylest: Desmond Zhengs @desmondzhengs

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