Club C is on stage again

Reebok iconic model, Club C, is coming to nostalgia.

Every brand returns to its roots and almost every designer feeds on their DNA. Of course, this is one of the best achievers of Reebok is coming to say we are wrong. The brand's strategy of polishing the sneaker models that became popular in the 80s and 90s, followed by the last seasons, was so successful that we loved the scene of the old-new models. Now, the iconic models of Reebok's signature style is the most successful reflecting Club C.

The favorite model of the 80s, Club C, was first released as a tennis shoe. Club C, which was renovated and evolved over the years, became an essential part of the 80s street fashion by changing many details and offering color alternatives. This season, Reebok, with its da Sport the Unexpected 'campaign, reveals nostalgia and reminds us how much the 80s are full of fashion. There's no reason for you to try Club C as soon as you can and not to live the 80s spirit again!


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