Charlotte Collard: "Commitment is caring about others and the Earth"

The pioneer of "foodistas" is not only fighting for "eating better". TV presenter and business woman, she gives us the cause that is close to her heart.
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L'Officiel Paris: Who are you? Introduce yourself.

Charlotte Collard: I'm a digital entrepreneur. I launched a project combining fashion and cuisine on Instagram, under my name @charlotte_collard , I am also a TV presenter at RTBF for the program C'est du Belge where I cook with starred chefs, and I also have my catering service: Charlotte Collard Catering.

How did you meet Charity: water?

The founder of the association, Scott Harisson, is a friend I met in New York just before he launched the Charity: water initiative . At the time, he told me about his desire to carry out this project that really began on his birthday - he asked his friends to provide funds as a gift to contribute to the supply of food. healthy water in African countries.

Since when are you involved with Charity: water?

I have been from the beginning and is looking more and more to get closer to the initiative. The more my professional project grows, the more I will be present at their side. It's a question of time.

How do you contribute to it?

I contribute today by working on developing their visibility in Europe, through my financial and physical participation in events, etc.

What is commitment for you?

For me, commitment is a cause in which we should all invest. It is becoming aware of how lucky one is to live on the good side of this world, it is to care about others and the Earth. Sharing, support, getting together to move forward together, that's what we should all do on a daily basis.


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