Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner's CK ad

Calvin Klein's "My Calvins ”campaign is getting hotter every day.

The world-famous luxury fashion brand Calvin Klein shared a new video series last week, including Noah Centineo and Shawn Mendes. The second wave of the series, part of the giant campaign called ser My Calvins “, was released yesterday. This time, Kendall Jenner opens a new window. , Bella Hadid Opens a new window. , A $ AP Rocky Opens a new window. , Indya Moore, Kevin Abstract, Troye Sivan and Yoo Ah-In.

Calvin Klein's official YouTube accounts of the video series published by the prominent names of the course was Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. In videos directed by Jonas Lindstroem, we see Bella Hadid on a black horse in an abandoned gas station. Bella, who wears fishnet stockings, jean shorts and a black bra, is once again fascinated by her fit. The brunette beauty Kendall Jenner stands out with her flawless body as she heads to the camera with her red dress, lace detailed swimwear and white lingerie set.

Hadid is fierCely Kind in #MYCALVINS | CALVIN KLEIN
Kendall Jenner is a knoCKout in #MYCALVINS | CALVIN KLEIN

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