#BEAUTYTIPS from Top Specialist from Bohneur salon in Paris

Make up and hair tips from beauty experts from the beauty salon Bonheur in the 5th arrondissement in Paris.
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Photo by Ian Dooley

My name is Rena, I am a makeup artist. I have been living and working in France for 7 years. I would like to tell you about why I consider my profession as a makeup artist to be the best. It is all about female energy, about beauty and health, about self-confidence and shine in the eyes. We give other women happiness and in return we get much more. 

I am for natural beauty. The trend for makeup without makeup, emphasizing the natural beauty which continues to conquer all the fashion catwalks! To achieve the desired result, it is enough to have in your cosmetic bag only 3 of the most “working” products that can refresh your face with one touch:
- Blush: one of the most important product in my cosmetic bag. I especially like creamy textures, they are easily shaded and look very natural, absorbed into the skin and radiating freshness from the inside.

- Concealer: usually the area around the eyes shows the age, tiredness and lack of sleep. By couple of touches of concealer around the eyes and in the inner corner of the nose, applied with driving movement, guarantees the freshness to you.

- Highlighter: healthy skin emits a glow. Highlighter creates the effect of elastic, smooth skin due to luminous particles. Both creamy and dry textures are good. The main thing is not to overdo it.

My name is Sona and I am a hairdresser. I live and work in Paris. it’s not a secret for anyone that Paris is the city of fashion and beauty. Often, we watch Fashion Week shows and other fashion events, where the beautiful females show us new tendencies and styles. Hair is one of the main elements of the whole image.  
 Here are some tips on how to look stylish for the” red carpet”:
- If curls, than go only for large ones without strong fixations. 
- If buns, than low buns.
- If you want to use hair accessories, small hairpins with sparkling stones or a fresh flower will emphasize the lightness of the image.
Using these tips, you will always be irresistible and in the "trend".

My name is Nataliia Baiurak and I am a make-up artist curretnly living and working in Paris. For me, makeup is a way of self-expression, as well as self-realization. As a student of two international makeup schools in Ukraine and France, I combined my knowledge and practical experince of makeup of these countries and created my own special makeup style. As a fashion make-up artist, it’s important for me to create an inimitable image for my client and help to emphasize her individuality, as well as convey the style, fashion and the latest innovations of the beauty industry. In fashion photography, in the first place for me is the modernity and relevance of the idea.



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