9 stars of the 2020 Pirelli Calendar

Behind the scenes of the highly anticipated 2020 Pirelli Calendar.

Last May, Italian photographer Paolo Roversi took the lead for the 2020 edition of Pirelli's highly anticipated calendar each year. The first behind-the-scenes footage of the 2020 Pirelli Calendar with the theme Ar Calling Juliet en, shot for the 47th time this year in Paris and Verona, was recently revealed. Paolo Roversi, “Because Juliet is a dream. choosed. Paolo Roversi's project, which includes actresses and singers from different cultures and countries, was inspired by the intersection of love, power, youth and beauty embodied by the Shakespearean drama and the heroine. The final photographs of the shooting, in which each of the stars in the project reflect their own emotions, art forms and personalities, have not yet been published. Let's take a short trip to the back of the camera.


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