Beauty is Ageless: Actresses Beyond the Age of 50 are the True Stars of the Film Festival

Age is just a number! These style icons from film and fashion prove that there is no age limit on the Red Carpet!
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True beauty is known to be timeless and yet the fashion and film industry was for a long time confined by unrealistic clichés to a tight corset of almost inaccessible ideals of beauty. The standards: young, tall, slim - the actresses had to be simply flawless to get a foot in the door or a role in a blockbuster at all. The past tense is a bit optimistic, but could soon be true! Currently, an ever-growing feminist movement is fighting for a social revolution.

Actresses like Meryl Streep or Catherine Deneuve prove that there is no age limit for the Red Carpet and that daring fashion can be worn beyond the age of 50. The best example of this extremely gratifying development is the current Venice Film Festival. The true stars on the red carpet are not the crowd of glamorous influencers, but rather women like supermodel Iman, who steals the show from all her young colleagues at the age of 64 and visibly enjoys the flurry of flashlights. To celebrate her pioneering work, we have curated the best looks of the style icons beyond the age of 50 and applaud her contribution to diversity in the world of fashion and film. 




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