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Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore 2019

After Dubai in 2012, Munich in 2013, London in 2015 and New York in 2017, Patek Philippe chose Singapore for a new major exhibition.
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Singapore and Southeast Asia represent exceptional markets for Patek Philippe. This region of the globe stands out for its passion for good craftsmanship and high craftsmanship - just like the know-how cultivated within the Manufacture. To fill all these connoisseurs, the Geneva house will organize from September 28 to October 13 its fifth major exhibition - the largest ever. The "Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore 2019" will include a special space devoted to the city-state and neighboring countries and a wide range of historic gates from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

After Dubai in 2012, Munich in 2013, London in 2015 and New York in 2017, Patek Philippe chose Singapore for a new major exhibition aimed at raising awareness of its world and its creations. On a surface of 1800 m2 divided into 10 thematic areas, collectors, lovers of haute horlogerie and the general public will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Patek Philippe as if they were visiting the historic Salons of the Rue du Rhône in Geneva, the Plan-les-Ouates factory and the Patek Philippe Museum. A unique opportunity to discover behind the scenes of the last independent Geneva manufacture in family hands. The event will also be accompanied by the launch of several limited edition watches, as well as a rich collection of high craft pieces inspired by the cultural and artistic heritage of these diverse nations.

A tribute to Singapore and Southeast Asia
In this year when Singapore celebrates the bicentenary of its founding, Patek Philippe will pay homage to the city-state as well as to all South-East Asia in a space of the exhibition designed for this purpose. For this dive into history, culture, art and the natural environment of a region that is dear to it, the manufacture will present a choice of timepieces gathered for the first and last time in the same place, some of which lent on an exceptional basis by museums or private collectors. The role of Singapore as a key to world trade between the Far East and the West will be illustrated by a Geneva pocket watch with enamel miniature painting depicting the port of Canton, made around 1830 for the Chinese market (S -112). The Patek Philippe Dome clock "Thai ornaments" (reference 20074M), in cloisonné enamel enhanced with silver spangles, will highlight the great aesthetic refinement of these countries, whether architectural decor or fabrics traditional. To evoke the unique flora and fauna of this part of the world, Patek Philippe will exhibit, among other things, a pair of peach-shaped pendant watches (S-303A-B) made in Geneva for China circa 1810. The wonders of the underwater world will be reflected in the Patek Philippe Dome clock "tropical Island" in cloisonné enamel (reference 20087M). Two of the many Patek Philippe pocket watches that belonged to the king of Siam Rama V (P-1457) will highlight the marked identities of all these countries. As for the legendary dynamism of Southeast Asia, paving the way for a promising future, it will be represented by a Dome clock (reference 1677M) created in 2015 for the 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence and featuring the famous Esplanade.


An exceptional selection of pieces from the Patek Philippe Museum
Inaugurated in 2001, the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva has established itself as one of the most beautiful watchmaking museums in the world. Visitors to the Singapore exhibition will have the chance to admire with their own eyes a selection of its treasures, some of them rare. This is the first time that so many timepieces have left the shores of Lake Geneva to be exhibited abroad. The museum room will be divided, like the Geneva establishment, into two sections. The "old collection" will present a panorama of the history of watchmaking, with some of the very first portable watches, including a drum watch made in Nuremberg (S-892 / Germany) in 1548; Enamelled pocket watches, music automatons and timepieces by the greatest European watchmakers will also be on display. The "Patek Philippe Collection" will include a range of the most beautiful creations of the Manufacture from 1839 to the present, including the pocket watch that Antoine Norbert de Patek acquired for its 30th anniversary (P-1/1842), the first watch to be Swiss bracelet (P-49/1868), the first known perpetual calendar wristwatch (P-72/1925) and some of the most famous "supercomplications" of the manufacture - like the Caliber 89 (which was for more than 25 the most complicated portable watch in the world) and the Star Caliber 2000 (21 complications).

A free public exhibition
The free public exhibition "Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore 2019" will take place at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Theater in the heart of Singapore. To gain access, visitors must first have reserved their tickets by visiting to access the booking platform. Patek Philippe will publish on this occasion a very detailed catalog illustrating all the exhibits. An audio guide with comments in Mandarin or English will be available upon request. The exhibition will be open at night on Fridays and Saturdays until 10 pm. Both Sundays will also offer "family days" with various activities adapted to children.

Sunday-Thursday: 10 am - 7 pm (last admission at 6 pm)
(except October 13: closing at 5 pm, last admission at 4 pm)
Extended hours 10 am - 10 pm (last admission at 9 pm) Fridays October 4 and 11 &
saturday 5th and 12th of october
Family Days: Sundays 6 and 13 October, 10 am to 5 pm

The ten thematic spaces

Movie theater
Dedicated to the projection of the historical film Patek Philippe

Room of the current collection
This space devoted to the presentation of the current collection reproduces the decor of Patek Philippe Salons in the Rue du Rhône, in Geneva.

Napoleon Room
This space will seduce by its decor transporting the visitor in the Salons Patek Philippe of Geneva and by its magnificent filmed panorama showing Lake Geneva. It will also feature limited editions created specifically for Southeast Asia.

Museum room
Like the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, this room will be divided into two sections, one for the old collection, the other for the Patek Philippe collection.

Hall crafts high craft
Craftsmen will demonstrate the techniques used to decorate watches and clocks, including enamelling. A selection of pieces made with this ancestral know-how will highlight Patek Philippe's commitment to high craftsmanship.

Watchmaker's Hall
Master watchmakers Patek Philippe will invite visitors to a dive into the workings of mechanical timepieces.

Hall of great complications
This space will bring together in one place a unique overview of the most complicated and innovative Patek Philippe timepieces - an exceptional estate that has made the Manufacture famous.

Hall of Movements
This room will be dedicated to the wide range of Patek Philippe movements ranging from simple calibres to those developed for some of the most complicated timepieces in the world.

Interactive space
This room will offer an immersive experience that will immerse the viewer in the Manufacture Patek Philippe in Geneva and building movements.

Singapore and South East Asia Room
This space will pay tribute to the bicentenary of Singapore as well as the very rich heritage of the city-state and all of Southeast Asia in the historical, cultural, artistic and natural.

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