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«Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39» From Rolex

Introducing the Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39 by Rolex
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All that glitters is not gold...


... a proverb that fits perfectly with the art of the gemstone setting in the watch industry. Typical of the silhouette of the case Oyster with a brightly colored bezel, which is enriched with sapphires in Baguetteschli. The latest "Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39" is a work of art and more than a pleasure for your eyes.

The color gradient (blue-green, orange-yellow or blue-fuchsia) results from meticulously selected stones of the same weight and the same shape. These are ground so that they are optimally aligned with the adjacent stones as soon as they are inserted in their golden version. To achieve this level of perfection, Rolex gemstone collectors can not afford a single mistake. It is understood that the diamond-studded dial and the rounded contours deserve special attention. In the heart of the new caliber 3235, which has been realized with advanced technology, the rhythm before. Operational safety and longevity are guaranteed.


There is hardly a watch brand that is as well known as Rolex. The company Rolex, based in Biel (and Geneva), fulfills all the dreams of prestige, of luxury to perfection since its foundation in 1905. Omnipresent - but with class - discreet and worn on many wrists, Rolex has made significant with important innovations Contribution made to the watch industry. Every single innovation in the chronology of the watch industry includes a corresponding timepiece. Thus, «Oyster» was the first waterproof watch, «Datejust», with an automatic date changer or «submarine», which is waterproof up to 100m depth.

Rolex is meanwhile a company with four locations in Switzerland. This ensures "100 percent manual work" for all components and completions of the various creations. It even includes a workshop, a foundry for the manufacture of dials, a gemology studio and stone picking and a production center for the production of movements. It can not be better organized.


The "Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39" in gray gold differs from the other models in the colors of the bezel, from blue to fuchsia red, the numerals with diamonds on the dial and the setting of the elements of the bracelet. The case and the Roman numerals on the dial consist of an in-house 18K gray gold alloy. Just like the bracelet, which hides ceramic inserts on the inside to avoid any risk of gold deformation over the years. Another feature of the timepiece Rolex is the cyclops magnifier. It beautifies the date display and improves the legibility.


"Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39", case in gray gold, dial in gray gold set with 713 diamonds, bezel in shades of blue / fuchsia red set with 48 sapphires, bracelet in gray gold with rounded elements set with 144 diamonds, Rolex, CHF 82 300.

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