Kenzo's Tali Is Your New Lucky Charm

Looks like we might just be in luck – the new Tali bag celebrates the true (blue) you.
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The pink, croco-embossed Tali represents creativity and rebelliousness.

A keen eye (pardon the pun) for elevated streetwear staples – that’s what Kenzo has possessed since 2011. Fast forward eight years: one of the last projects of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (the creative duo have just left the house) involves their first proper handbag launch for the brand. And yes, it’s decorated by the eye symbol that was made one of the brand’s icons in 2013. It’s more than a matter of simple reappropriation, though.

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Clarity of mind and lucidity are associated with the white Tali, while the red Tali symbolises energy and enthusiasm
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Black croco adds an aura of success and prosperity, according to Miller. One can also exude calmness and security with the blue Tali.

The Tali bag’s name borrows from “talisman”, and just as the moniker implies, the bag is meant to be worn as a fun “amulet” of sorts, with the eye motif representing luck and protection. To complete this narrative, Kenzo even roped in Astrology superstar, Susan Miller, to bestow horoscope-like characteristics upon each iteration of the Tali – and trust us, there are many of them. One in lemon yellow, for example, is a pre-launch exclusive for Hong Kong, while an Ayers-embossed style is a special piece for Paris and China. There are lizard- and croco-embossed versions, as well as smooth leather takes – and a whole gamut of colours including rose, white, red and blue. While the full launch will take place on a global scale next month in September, the city exclusives have already been available in select markets.

On the classic black, for example, Miller says: “Black imparts authority, power, sophistication and elegance. We speak of the mystery of black holes but love the little black dress. Wear black and reclaim or intensify your power and confidence.”

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