Moncler Grenoble High Performance

Moncler never ceases to fight against cold and elements with elegance and technical precision.
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After the meticulous selection of partners, the brand, which was founded near Grenoble, completes its range of products for the discerning athlete.

Born out of the need to satisfy conflicting demands, Moncler's technical skiwear embodies a creative paradox: warming and light on the one hand, breathable and protective against the wind and thunderstorms on the other. The brand has designed products for the competitive athlete as well as the humble sports enthusiast. Moncler has successfully faced the double challenge without compromising on comfort and aesthetics. The new chapter in a long relationship between the brand and the snow was inspired by extreme climatic conditions and freedom of movement. But also through innovation, functionality and design.

This shows the collection for those athletes who love the adventure. They value ultra-durable workmanship, perfect thermal insulation and breathable materials. In addition, there should be a high water-impermeability with a water column of more than 10 000 mm (the value needed to remain dry, which is the measure of the pressure exerted on the jacket from the outside the larger the number, the more the jacket waterproof , the average is from 3 000 to 5 000 mm). Also available are windproof bags for extreme sports and GPS tracking in an emergency.

And again, Moncler has kept the modern aesthetic for women and men. This passion for optimal performance has been created through collaboration with partners specializing in winter sports. Partnerships that have been thoroughly audited for months before being received.

From November, skis are available in a limited edition. These have been designed together with Zai. Zai is located in Disentis, a small community in the canton of Grisons in Switzerland, and specializes in the production of handmade skis in high quality. The skis by Zai & Moncler Grenoble are numbered and handcrafted by specialists. They are only available in a limited number and consist of materials that have been combined in a unique way. These are new carbon composites, steel, aluminum, thermoplastics and natural rubber. These are materials that can achieve incredible torsion and give the ski great stability. Of course, in accordance with the aesthetic vision of Moncler.

To fully demonstrate the promise of Moncler's performance, Grenoble High Performance equipment was made available to the Arctic explorer, Michele Pondtrandolfo, at -50 ° C in November for crossing the South Pole.

However, to stay close (where it is warmer), the 1300 ski instructors of the Alpine arch of Switzerland, Austria and France will be equipped with Moncler Grenoble High Performance.

Photography and direction
Dee Lee
Styling and make-up
Hym Lee
Maja Bezpalko
@Independant Model Management
Pablo Ferrari
@Brave Model Management
Assistant Directorate
William Frank
Set designer
Arminius Braun


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