Vivamayr: Altaussee

A sense of wellbeing at one of the most beautiful spots in Austria.
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Situated right on the shores of Lake Altaussee, the Vivamayr resort offers pure luxury. 60 rooms with a wonderful view of the lake and the mountains of Styria’s Salzkammergut region. In our spa, salt is the central theme. The salt water swimming pool, the salt steam bath and the Watsu body therapy treatments performed in the salt water floating pool are the high points of your regenerative stay. Our restaurant serves healthy and delicious food prepared by our award-winning chef. We use local products wherever possible.

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Crystal clear water, majestic mountains and the healing power of the Alpine Climatic Spa.

When did you last close your eyes and have a sense of total quiet around you?

At our new Vivamayr resort, you can find this special quietness. Surrounded by majestic mountains and located right on the shores of beautiful Lake Altaussee, Vivamayr Altaussee is our new resort, offering you a truly incomparable experience. A wellness and health resort with the latest and most exclusive facilities, in a picturesque location at one of the most beautiful places in the Austrian Alps. The perfect combination for anyone seeking recuperation, relaxation and health.

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Health, beauty and wellbeing thanks to modern medecine!

Altaussee is a place richly blessed by nature. The healing and purifying power of Altaussee’s Glauber salt spring is used during the Vivamayr cure to cleanse and soothe your digestive system. Modern Mayr Medicine is based on the famous detoxification programme developed by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr in Austria almost 100 years ago.
The Vivamayr principle combines valuable knowledge of natural healing processes with the latest medical diagnostics and treatment.

Detoxification, purification, cleansing in an unspoilt natural setting.

As our guest, you will benefit from a treatment programme individually designed for you. Here you will find space for inner cleansing, a rethinking of your eating habits, and a refocusing on rest and rhythm, enabling you to regain your strength.
Positive experience, information and daily training guarantee the lasting success of the Vivamayr health principle.

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