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Unique Beauty

The interplay of colour within the sea, dazzling white beaches and unreal sunsets: whoever visits the Maldives understands that such beauty is not a dream, but a reality that can (hardly) be grasped.
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A trip to the Maldives is always a little challenging for the mind. Even the journey from Male Airport with Maldivian Airlines will leave the relaxation seeker at least a little doubtful about the reality of what they are perceiving. Can this blaze of colour be real indeed? During the flight, the beholder will marvel over the turquoise-green-blue interplay of colour in the sea and the surreal beauty of the atolls – there is something unreal about it. Take a second glance, rub your eyes briefly, look again. No. You are not dreaming. This fascinating beauty you are seeing, which can hardly be put into words, is actually reality. As soon as the plane lands gently on the rippling water, you will know with certainty that you have arrived firmly on the ground of a luxurious reality. This reality is Shangri- La’s Villingili Resort & Spa in the middle of the Addu Atoll just south of the equator. Villingili is where this luxury hotel chain really lives up to its name. «Shangri-La», a utopian, peaceful Tibetan place from James Hilton’s novel, is regarded as a synonym for paradise on earth. If paradise indeed exists on earth, then it is here, embodied by this jewel in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Not only is the unique natural spectacle which the island offers at every corner, or the incomparably shimmering sea, or the white sandy beach lined by palm trees heavenly, but also the fact that contemplation will not be disturbed here by any human soul and by the service, which even the most luxury pampered visitor will experience as being wholly unique.

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The resort’s competent service team is available to visitors around the clock. Discreet, yet reading every wish from the lips of its guests, even before it is uttered. An excursion with the luxury boat to the glories of the coral reef lying before the island? A private dinner in absolute peace for two on the beach while watching a beautiful sunset? A lunch prepared by the resort’s most renowned culinary experts on a yacht right on the equator? A relaxing ninehole round of golf on the only golf course in the Maldives? Discovering the tropical, natural diversity of the island with a private guide? Or enjoy a luxurious wellness treatment in one of the eleven spa villas? Whatever your wish, Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa will turn it into a unique and memorable experience.

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Luxurious wellness treatments on the beach or relaxing at your own pool with a view of the ocean? A lot is possible at the Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa.

Or would you rather spend some time alone today? Retreat? Oh yes - at the Villingili Resort this is possible in a way that is second to none. Whether in the pool villas equipped with every imaginable luxury or in the personal Water Villa in the middle of the Indian Ocean, from which you can glide straight into the sea in the morning: a stay in the private rooms becomes a completely unique experience here. Yet the resort offers so much more than just an all round, VIP package: even the occasionally cited island fever is not to be feared here. Villingili Island is one of the largest holiday islands in the country, which means it can be experienced time and time again in many different ways. The highest peak of the Maldives can be discovered here and the lush jungle wilderness explored. Following an eventful exploration of the island, there is only the sweet agony of choosing in which of the breathtaking restaurants one would like dine, to look forward to. Or in which of the classy bars one wants to enjoy the magical sunset reflected in the crystal clear water with an excellent cocktail at hand. Anyone who has ever encountered this seductive glory of impressions that remain after a visit to the Maldives, knows from the second he sets his feet on the jetty to his resort that he has discovered unique beauty - and will never forget it again.

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