Trainer tips on how to move more and more efficiently every day

The sports coach advises you on how to enrich your daily movements with body-building movements at home, at work or on the way to the store.
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"Even though sports clubs are overcrowded, Lithuanians are moving too little," says motion coach Rock Byshys, better known as Rock Move, who says that when we go to work, we manage a dog at home or in a guided dog to not be considered a real effective movement. when it prevents muscle loss and encourages it to develop.


“When training people, I encounter situations where they find it difficult to cope and solve quite simple tasks of movement. Hence, stretching a sport club several times a week does not mean that we are busy. Most likely you go to the fitness club by car, and after the workout you are also sitting in the car. I see that there is a lack of movement for modern youth, "R. Bakstys shares his remarks about Lithuanian mobility.

One good squat is better than ten any

In terms of agility, we may get the wrong impression that we are moving constantly. We get out of bed, sit, stand up, go, lean on something to lift, reach for the desired item on the top shelf of the store and so on. However, all of our daily routine movements, according to the trainer, are not considered to be the real movements of the muscles.


“It is important how many movements we perform, but more importantly how we perform them qualitatively, for what purpose we do it. How many times a day do you smoke? Let's say ten. Is such stimulation enough for the muscles to progress? Really no, at least one hundred, but better still, 10 different variations of squats, when striving for wellness and full power. By repeating one exercise, we get used to it and perform it very quickly. First of all, you should know why a particular action is being taken. Pay more attention not to quantity but to quality of motion. There are not so many repetitive quality movements in our routine, "R. Bakstys calculates daily mobility.

Pay more attention to the quality rather than the amount of motion.

The trainer points out that effective movements should train not only the muscles but also the mind.


“My workout is not just a repetition of movements with music. I try to combine movements, complicate them, prevent laziness and make my head twist. Such moves are fully effective, "says the coach.

For effective movement - suitable clothing

According to R. Baksis, in order for the movement to be effective, it is important to choose the right clothing. The best, of course, is completely free of movement.


"I personally have a real suffering in jeans - I feel restrained, my movements are limited." I choose clothes that vaporize and move freely. They may be tight, may be loose - depending on how you move, what you will achieve. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and free. It is true that when moving outdoors in Lithuania I would recommend to have an upper layer protecting the wind ", - what kind of clothes is best chosen for active movement by the motion teacher.

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Photo by Ian Froome / Unsplash

Gertrūda Ramūnaitė, designer of the active leisure and sports brand Audimas, adds that inappropriate clothing can hinder the achievement of the set goals.


“There are several aspects that comfort clothing can offer. This can be a tight silhouette and stretchy material that ideally should stretch to all four sides - four way stretch . If the silhouette is loose and light, and the material evaporates well, even a less elastic fabric will be almost unnoticeable. It is worth paying attention to the amount of elastane in the material - even a small part of it will provide more comfort and will help to keep the garment longer for a longer period of time. "


It adds that clothes that do not contain odor with antibacterial properties in the fabric fiber are particularly suitable for active movement. More comfort and convenience will be provided by lightweight, thin, easy to wash and compare clothes.


“Take into account not only the technological features, but also the design of the clothes. It is better to invest in stylish and long-lasting clothes that will not last after a few seasons, "concludes G. Ramūnaitė.

How to move more and more efficiently every day

To start increasing mobility, the trainer recommends simple things: not to go to the shop, but to walk; not to use the elevator or escalator, but the stairs. Choosing a more compulsive alternative in your daily routine will allow your muscles to gain extra mobility every day. No need to concentrate on individual muscle groups. According to R. Baksis, if you do not pursue specific goals or have not undergone a trauma, it is best to train the whole body together.

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Photo by Lindsay Henwood / Unsplash

Another coach's advice is to create an environment at home and at work that encourages you to move more.

“At home, you can install a crossbar between the doors and create a rule for yourself: every time you go through the door, hook on the cross and make a few twists or feet. During the day, there can be a lot of things like I call motion appetizers. What kind of environment you will create, as well as stimulation muscles, will get every day, "advises the motion teacher.

What kind of environment you will create, both stimulation muscles and will get every day.

For people who work in a sedentary and genuinely moving way, Rock Move recommends starting with the knowledge of his body and his possibilities.


“Discovering the possibilities of body movements will be facilitated by movement of individual joints. Choose any joint and move it in every possible way: draw a circle, try to move only that joint, bend back and forth. This workout is especially good in the morning, when you start the whole body from the ankles, knees and hip joints, continuing the spine, shoulders and ending with the elbows and wrists. Move one joint in different directions from one minute to five. Feeling different senses and discovering your body's potential will help you to get to know your body better and to move to more complex movements and combinations, "summarizes coach R. Bakstys.

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