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TENco: The Exclusive Network, where members are like a family.

An explicit talk with Tural Mammadov about special concept which stands behind TENco and unique experiences the network offers.
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There is a very special concept behind TENco – Could you explain it to our readers and tell them how you came up with the idea?

I had previously worked with a couple concierge companies, where I would pay a yearly fee in order to benefit from their services, but I was not convinced my purchase reflected the expectation put in it, so instead of complaining, I decided to resign my memberships. I then began to imagine how services could be turned into a lifestyle for high net-worth individuals, and how I could turn this vision into a mission, which would begin my path as an entrepreneur. I have looked over the big gaps that exist in Concierge Companies nowadays, and tried to fill in these Gaps, by enriching the world with TENco.

The mission is to always exceed our own expectations, by reaching further into the luxury market as no one did before, and create a network of exceptional people, representing brands on one side, and TENco members on the other, to position TENco at the epicentre of all the action that takes place under our brand. These relationships, meant to last for years, allows TENco to provide a level of excellence unparalleled in the long term, for anyone that chooses to work with us. Our goal is to create unique experiences that can be remembered for a lifetime, with a team of likeminded individuals that are committed to being more than just your typical concierge on-demand. The idea is to create Exclusive/Unique Members club, where both the members and partners would benefit from the TENco’s community/network. Membership of TENco was created around the lifestyle of our segments, which can be easily personalized or modified, depending on member’s needs.

The best of this is that we had honor and pleasure to start with well-known celebrities as our members: Adil Rami, Rose Bertram, Pamela Anderson and etc.

In resume, my aspiration is to create The Exclusive Network, where members are like a family, and are being taken care of as such everywhere they go. This is the reason why we partner with strong luxury brands such as Brunello Cuccinelli and Four Seasons, because of their support and loyalty to our brand and members since day one. The concept is, and always will be to create and maintain meaningful relationships. First, we build relationship with clients and then we provide the benefits of the Membership.

The luxury segment is not an easy market – with which offers do you stand out in particular?

I do not believe any market is easy, but this is what life is all about, navigating through hardship in order to be successful. This is why we worked hard on creating an invaluable concept, which can last for a lifetime. Our membership has been curated to personas looking to explore new horizons, whether through fashion, traveling, events or otherwise, and experience those in the most exclusive way. The membership was crafted with 10 benefits, to show the member that we are not just a Call Center for bookings. The idea behind it was that the members acknowledge and realize that money is being well spent on them, by allocating some of their yearly fee money, on their benefits. And these benefits would help them live their lives to the fullest.  Our partners provide us with unlimited support to bring our vision to life, thus enabling TENco to create those unique experiences that make us stand out. From a private fashion show in Milan with Mr. Cuccinelli himself, to a dinner in the Roger Dubuis factory, our team continuously tries to innovate ways to bring rare moments to our members, as well as assisting them every day of their life.


Can you describe your target group? Who is TENco for?

The type of demographics TENco targets emanates from the financial sector (wealth managers, top executives) , as well as showbusiness and athletes (football players, models, actors/actresses).  Overall, the most important aspect of our prospects is their background. The common denominator between all our members is their exceptional road to success, and how they embraced it without changing who they are. Values such as humility, and loyalty are words I live by, which means TENco does too. Whether you are an artist rising to fame, or an established banker, our true interest in working with you is first of all to get to know you, in order to second you for the rest of your life.

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Certainly, one also needs the corresponding budget – what costs must members reckon with?

TENco’s membership is designed around ten core benefits, each being allocated with a specific budget, depending on the member’s needs.

  1. “Welcome Gifts” allows us to thank our new members for choosing TENco, by organising a weekend at a destination of their choice, and taking in charge their flights, accommodations, car transfer and a unique experience on site.
  2. “Tailor-made experiences” are moments created between our partners and TENco, for our members. Whether you’d like to experience European fashion weeks in the most exclusive way, or live the Festival de Cannes like never before, we are ready to make you live your life to the fullest.
  3. “Optimized Spending” aims to empower our member’s purchasing power, by making sure they get more for their money than anywhere else. Our strong partnerships allow us to get prime offers from the best places the luxury world has to offer, as well as benefits exclusive to TENco.
  4. “Health Advisor” has been created for members looking to improve and maintain their health condition. By working with a team of trusted personal trainers, and dieticians, we are able to create a monthly program designed for our member’s specific needs.
  5. “Luxury Advisor” is a newsletter our members receive to keep them informed of all the new events, trendy destination, and seasonal offers by season. 
  6. “Away from home” helps our members take care of their home(s) while away, even going as far as being there for their favourite pet.
  7. “Exclusives” are gifts we choose with our partners, to offer our members something meaningful and customized for them.
  8. “Trusted Advisors” is our moto. We position ourselves as being our member’s day-to-day partner, assisting them with daily operations, locally and abroad. Our members are never alone. Concierge services are included in this benefit, which shows that it is just a part of this Membership.
  9. “The Exclusive Network” is pretty much self explanatory at this point. Our members get access to a unique group of people interconnected through excellence and common interests. Members have a big opportunity to be part of Important events, Exclusive Fashion Shows , etc.
  10. “TENco Annual Event” gathers the network for an exclusive party to celebrate our beautiful members and partners, and thank them for their continuous trust and support. This event happens once a year, 10th of October and being hosted in different part of the world each year.  The event holds exciting surprises and guest of honor.

This bundle of joy, unique of its kind, is free of any commission or service fee, which enables us to be completely transparent with our members, as well as provide them with the best deals on the market. To know the cost of the TENco membership, contact our team :

How do your reach this very elitist group of people?

We heavily rely on word of mouth, as it has proven to be the best way for us to gather new interesting prospects. People that know TENco usually recommend it to someone they know, and we take it from there.  Whether it is from our partners, or existing members, the best way to get to us is through our Network.

The website talks about special experiences – can you give us an example here?

 We recently were invited to the hometown of Mr Cuccinelli himself. The name of this small village, Solomeo, in the heart of Italy, represents everything Brunello Cuccinelli is about. The experience took us around the village, as well as Brunello Cuccinelli headquarters. We were able to see what created this fantastic brand, and meet the people behind it. Only a handful of people are invited to spend a weekend with the Cuccinelli family, and TENco’s members are some of them. This is the kind of experience we provide, and keep trying to create with more partners.

The main idea for the nearest future -is to create as many unique experience as possible, which means that the only access to these Experiences would be through TENco.

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1568374147208425 scuola1568374147246275 solomeo 03 bis

What was the most extraordinary adventure that TENco has realised here?

Once upon a time, one of our dear members asked us one thing before committing to TENco’s membership. She asked us if we could organize for the Stade Velodrome, home stadium of Olympic de Marseille football club, to write “Happy Birthday my dear” for her husband’s birthday. Unfortunately, the club did not accept. But we had a plan B. Coincidently enough, one of our members, Adil Rami, was playing at the club, so we were able to organize a private entry to the game as well as staying in the player’s box with his family. At the end of the game, Mr Rami came personally to wish happy birthday to our guest and gift him a jersey of the club with autographs from the whole team.

What was the most creative special request one of your members had?

One morning, one of our members called us from the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. She did not have a flight for her event in Italy, as the plane was already full, so she requested we find her a jet in the next hour, as well as a hairdresser and make up artist for her event, plus some McDonald’s on the plane. We had never had a request like this before, but we took it upon us a challenge. We found her the most beautiful jet we had, ordered McDonald’s and delivered in to the plane. Upon arrival, the make up artist and hairdresser were waiting at her hotel and she was on time for her appearance at the event.

Which very special experience do you remember personally?

The Brunello Cuccinelli experience, and the smile on our special member’s face. It just showed that with this Network, we can create unique experiences , which would offer the access only through TENco.

How important is the exclusive network to your members?

All of our members have said they were joining mainly for our network, based on the KYCs we got back from our members. We try to match and link each members with each other ,as well as with partners. We have also partnered up with a well-known Talent Management company, which allows us to be confident about our Members opportunities.

In which direction do you intend to further develop TENco in the future?

Tech is the way to go. We intend on creating an app, as well as our own payment method through our Cornercard partner. In the long run, we hope to solidify our position by expanding to other markets like Middle East and Asia, and hopefully the US too. Regarding partnerships, we aim to create new relationships with upcoming luxury brands as to always innovate our network, bringing new ways for our members to enjoy their life. Unique experiences, going Tech, enriching the Community with new opportunities: is the road we develop TENco.



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