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TENco: The Exclusive Network

TENco aims to help you live moments that go far beyond what you thought was possible.
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TENco has spent years building meaningful relationships with the most renowned luxury brands, places and events. Part of the mission is to introduce you to this extremely exclusive network. But TENco is about much more than just access. It is about the experience. You deserve a never-ending collection of unforgettable moments. An adventure that can, and should, last for a lifetime. The all-inclusive membership will tend to your every need while offering you a seamless, tailor-made, luxury experience. 

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Unleash your imagination. Live your life to the fullest.

Your privileges:

1. Welcome Gift : Choose a travel experience from the First Travel Experience Booklet. The Flights, hotel accommodation, transfer and key activities will be complimentary. 

2. Tailor-Made Experience: The team will constantly work on your behalf to create unforgettable moments that will always feel personal and intimate. 

3. Optimized Spendings: TENco are fully aware that money allocated to luxury experiences should always be spent wisely. The team will help you optimize your spendings through meticulous planning and the exclusive partnership. 

4. Health Advisor: You will access to a private coach who will guide you monthly through a personal nutrition and workout plan. Upon request, your Health Counselor can team up with your Trusted Advisor to arrange private sessions - both locally and internationally - as well as organize your health oriented travels to specific venues and clinics. 

5. Luxury Advisor: As your trusted advisor, it is TENco's role to curate the best experiences, exclusive offers, and luxury items for you. The Newsletter will allow you to be one of the first to discover exciting new opportunities and paths to explore. 

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6. Away from home: Care Package - From embroidered linen during your stay at hotels to cosmetic preferences, or connectivity arrangments, they will make your travel as seamless and personal as possible. 
Petcare - If you not allowed or able to travel with your pet, TENco team will make sure you can travel with piece of mind, knowing your loved companion's need are attended to with the utmost care. 

7. Exclusivities: Enjoy a quarterly delivery of delightful compliments. This personalized gift is a collaboration between TENco and the creator Brunello Cucinelli, with whom they share work ethic and many of their values. Soon, these partnerships will be extended to the other major brands, to surprise you every single time. 

8. Trusted Advisor: You will have unlimited year-round access, regardless of where you are, to an advisor whose only job is to anticipate your needs, find innovative ways to add value to your experience and assist you with any reservation, transfers or special requests. 

9. The Exclusive Network: Belonging to our inner circle ensures you a constant flow of tailor-made opportunities, from access to private venues, shows and sports events, to art exhibitions, fashion shows and ceremonies. Grammy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Grand Prix and Fashion Week. 

10. TENco Annual Event: Once a year, on October 10th, TENco organizes a member's only event that will allow you to meet and connect with other TENco members. The event will have special guests of honour as well as exciting surprises. 

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