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Rediscover Florence

In Salvatore Ferragamo's new »Unexpected Florence« campaign, six Florentine pearls of art and history become the stage for the 2018 Autumn / Winter collection
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The shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo fell in love with her at the beginning of the 1920s and founded his eponymous brand in 1927 based on this liaison . There is no mention here of a woman, but of the Tuscan capital Florence. It is still a worldwide popular destination and a synonym for high-quality leather goods from Ferragamo. The company still has its headquarters here today, and today it still delights with exclusive accessories. In a short video series called »Unexpected Florence«, the label stages iconic shoe and handbag models in six different spots beyond the tourist trails.

Young actress Maria Vera Ratti becomes the protagonist of several short stories in the short films directed by Marescotti Ruspoli. The locations of their discoveries are only locally known places and gardens. So the young woman visits the Giardino Cosini , the Teatro della Pergola , the Coworking Space Numeroventi or the Aquaflor perfume workshop in Borgo Santa Croce. Here, Ratti wears some of the most iconic models of the house, all of which are new editions of classics. In a constant dialogue between color and form, the handbags and shoes blend into the decor and become part of a calm and poetic environment. All short films are available here .

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