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Beauty postcard from Hamburg

Hamburg my pearl, you beautiful city - here are our beauty tips for the metropolis on the water
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Whether brine baths in a historic setting, cold-pressed vitamin bombs, a freshly made day cream or sustainable cosmetic products. The fact that the city on the Elbe has a lot to offer and not only in the summer is worth a trip, but already in the spring with its small, beautiful beauty spots attracts, is no longer a secret. We went to the Hanseatic city and betrayed our beauty tips from the far north.

The Kaifu-Bad, Hamburg's oldest swimming pool, has been home to a brine spa since the beginning of the year, restored to the historical model of 1895. The water is super-salty, makes beautiful skin and has a relaxing effect. Let go instead of pulling tracks.

Bäderland Kaifu-Sole , Hohe Weide 15, 20259 Hamburg

The name of the brand is program! We like to stick to it and take a short break in the pool shower, while fragrant shampoo and wash gel in the practical travel size are used.

All Natural Cosmetics Travel Kit by Stop the water while using me , about 35 euros

It's hard to live easy. But Tine Weigand did just that and with Lebeleicht Hamburg opened a shop with an integrated juice bar, which makes it easy to live a healthy life. In addition to the juices extracted in a hydraulic press, cold-extracted juices and highly concentrated shots of ginger or wheatgrass, there are also almond milk, snacks and matcha latte as a substitute for coffee, from around 4 euros. The ingredients are 100 percent organically grown, the products have been awarded the German and European Biosiegel. And the whole thing is one thing above all else: delicious!

Lebeleicht Hamburg, Eppendorfer Landstraße 60, 20249 Hamburg

The body needs at least eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy and beautiful. It helps if you take one or two sips on the way. But not from disposable plastic bottles, but from pollutant-free glass, protectively packed in a pink silicone jacket. He is also washable and interchangeable. Gluck, happy, happy.

Glass bottle from BKR , about 35 euros

The most important Badeutensil? A soft towel in oversize! Once out of the water, every part of the body is covered and warm. And if necessary, you can also get someone else with the boat, sorry, in the terry wrap.

Tapis de plage Thalassa of Hermès , about 420 euros

The natural cosmetics made in Hamburg are always fresh and made to order. This nourishing day cream helps the skin to breathe - just like a weekend.

Weekend cream of natural talent , about 45 euros


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